APRIL issue

November 28, 2008




30 Responses to “APRIL issue”

  1. Nice graphics. Texts are a bit boring but the rest i like.
    Nice job! Congratulations SHMag Team and owner

  2. Fashion.Fantasy Says:

    Wow. That were some awsome graphics

  3. Runawayluv95 Says:

    Wow, The graphics have improved so much since
    when i was cover girl! I think that the whole magazine is incredible. Keep up the amazing work, I am definitely a dedicated reader.
    Lots of love,

  4. britney Says:

    hey it is good almost as good as style!

  5. Olivia Says:

    The graphics are really great! I now officialy am a fan of this magazine! :]


  6. Melissa54321 Says:

    This is really good!! Some minor graphic issues but that’s it. Like singingmermaid’s body is obviously from i-dressup so next time please use all medoll bodies 🙂

  7. Love it.
    The best issue yet.

  8. UndamyUmbrellla Says:

    I love it! Great job!!

  9. Melissa54321 Says:


  10. xxdrivebylove Says:

    It’s great! I love the graphics but I think the writing should improve just a bit. But I see you put so much effort into it, so wonderful job!

  11. glamour Says:

    This issue is great! You chose a wonderful Cover Girl that is stylish and down to earth! The graphics have improved little by little each issue and they are now pretty amazing! I love the outfits that you put together and I love the articles that you featured! It was all fresh, fun, and fabulous!

  12. Nat Says:

    Good job on the graphics. Oh, and the writing — I read one page and I just scrolled through, so It took me 2 minutes.

  13. carmenchu11 Says:

    The magazine is great! Specially the Covergirl graphics!
    You did great when you choosed Lauren as covergirl!

  14. sparklestardoll Says:

    Great Job!!
    The issue is fantastic!
    Good job to EVERYONE who did the Magazine!

  15. Naadira505 Says:

    Baileygirl1212 looks Gorgeous.!
    Thats My Sister.!
    Im so proud of you SiS.!

  16. styledgirl21 Says:

    The magazine you made was fantastic! im new, can you help me how to do things here??

  17. Tinkaboutme Says:

    WOW your graphics are awsome how do you do it .Plz tell me!I promise you will be in all of the issues.PlZ PLZ PLZ PLZ

  18. Halmonkey3 Says:

    You are good , so keep working! I read the mag.

  19. Halmonkey3 Says:

    Wow that’s really cool someone erased my comment and posed as me and made me say “you were good” ahha. No offense, but this magazine could use some major work in the graphics and pretty much everything else. You have potential I guess…. but you need to keep trying. And tacoshot, if you impersonate me again and use my username, I’m going to be really upset. So please don’t k?

  20. posemagazinex Says:

    You did an awesome job! Sorry to hear it go!

  21. marykate1994 Says:

    wow awesome how do you do it?

  22. twilightLOVA Says:

    holy crap that is the best stardoll magazine i have ever seen! this is almost better than glamour magazine eternity/edge and almost even style wow great job!

  23. sblackstyle Says:

    Amazing issue ❤ Good Job

  24. Mimi_Mami Says:

    The best issue, Rachel!


  25. Malibuchick22 Says:

    That was fantastic! How do you make such great graphics?

  26. Melissa54321 Says:

    I want to thank Tacoshot for making me a Covergirl. This is the only magazine I have been Covegirl for and A deeply respect her for that. These are really good Graphics too 😀

  27. omggg. hahaha
    fantabulous sittee.
    i saw that ysl dress in real life
    not jayykaayying.
    at the de young muesseum. :]

  28. sblackstyle Says:

    Amazing job girls..

    Love it x x


  29. ecofriend2 Says:

    how did you make the magazine please tell me …?????????????????????????????????????

  30. Impressive! It’s such a shame that you are discontinuing this magazine. It’s wonderful! I don’t understand, why don’t you just continue the magazine, but stay on the computer for a limited time? Well, you do what you feel is right. I’m creating a magazine… and I really would like to know how you created those images, if you mind telling me. o_o

    Good job!

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